About Founder & Perfumer

Petcharat Leelayana or “Yu” have been discovered about essential oils since 2016, she has been so many great experiences of essential oils usage on herself, family and friends which make her completely falling in love in essential oils even since. The great experiences make her believe in nature’s power and feel gratitude on what nature provide to human being through the miracle of essential oils. The essential oils awaken her passion to create pure natural products that using only 100% natural ingredients.

As Perfumer, she selects the beautiful scents from natural extracts only such as essential oils, absolutes, resins, resinoids etc. From all over the world to well blended with natural ethanol alcohol made from sugar cane in Thailand. She hopes her natural perfumes creation will enhance joyful moments and the true “beauty and goodness of nature” will be cherished inside everyone’s heart.

About mutita brand

“mutita” derived from Pali langauge mean compassionate joy feeling in the happiness of others. It means that other person’s happiness simply makes us feel joy and happy too.